Diwali Celebration in USA Displays Multi-cultural Friendliness - Diwali 2013 India: Diwali Festival, Diwali Celebrations India, Deepavali History

Where there is an Indian, there is a mini India. The adage is true to its meaning as Indians across the globe are celebrating each and every Indian festival like Holi, Raksha Bandhan, Diwali and others. The charm and spirit of Indian festivals are universal, and this fact was backed by none other than Mr Barack Hussein Obama, President of USA. Mr Obama had celebrated Diwali in White House by lighting lamps and sent a message to the world that evil cannot take over good, however strong the former is. With this gesture, the entire nation has shown strong evidence of its multi-cultural friendliness. In reciprocation, Indians have also shown their love and affection towards USA and its citizens. Every year, thousands of Indians from India send Diwali gifts to USA for their friends & families, and in the same manner, Indians from abroad return the love by sending Diwali gifts to India.

Unlike India, where Diwali is celebrated for five long days according to Hindu calendar, Diwali in USA is celebrated as per Gregorian calendar; mostly it’s Sunday when Indians get together for Diwali celebrations. And when they meet and greet one another, they don’t forget to exchange gifts, sweets and firecrackers. The venue, where they organize the function, is decorated with earthen lamps and lights. Before they light firecrackers, they perform Diwali pooja and worship Goddess Laxmi; this is followed by having sweets & snacks. While they religiously follow Indian traditions of Diwali celebrations, they also give respect to some local (Western) customs also, and enjoy dance & dinner.

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