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Diwali Celebrations in MalaysiaDiwali is celebrated across India with a fervor that is unparalleled. For Indians living outside India the festivities are as special. In the beautiful country of Malaysia, the celebrations are held with much enthusiasm.

Diwali is known as 'Hari Deepavali'. It is celebrated during the seventh month of the Hindu solar calendar. Homes are decorated with lights and the special Diwali sweets are prepared. It is customary to hold 'open houses'. Indian Hindu Malaysians, welcome people from different races for a sumptuous meal. This is also known as 'rumah terbuka' which is a unique practice followed by all Malaysians during festive seasons.

It is also customary to prepare the traditional 'kuih raya' or the 'murukku' which is a must have delicacy on Diwali. The other important ritual is the "ang pow" the customary gift in cash given by elders to the younger ones in the family. This apart from other Diwali gifts like new clothes is something that the younger generation looks forward to. This apart, the other traditions like cleaning up the house and buying new clothes and home decorations are similar to what is seen in India.

Invoking the blessings of God and the custom of exchanging gifts is integral to any festival. Families and friends separated by distances normally exchange gifts by availing the courier service but with the onset of the computer age e-marts are totally in. It is possible to send diwali gifts to India to friends sitting on the other side of globe through these shopping marts. Send gifts to India by availing the benefit of shopping online.

Besides gifts you may also send Diwali sweets and other goodies to friends and family living abroad as well. Diwali is indeed that time of the year when you'd want to unwind and indulge yourself in revelry. Though separated by distances Indians living outside their homeland, observe the festival with much reverence. The 'open house' celebrations speak volumes about the generosity and large-heartedness, kept alive by the Malaysian Hindus. These traditions observed in Malaysia truly hold aloft the spirit of Diwali.

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