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Celebrating Diwali in Delhi, the capital city of India has a unique charm of its own. With traditional and classy neon lights brightly lit throughout the shops, houses and other establishments, the city seem to wear a new glittery garb to celebrate Diwali. With a cosmopolitan population, Diwali celebrations in Delhi represents the festival of lights with a special Indian flavor.

The 'Diwali fever' in Delhi commences days before the actual Diwali day. Just after Dussehra festival, people in Delhi start making preparations for Diwali. Renovations, whitewashing aDiwali in Delhind spring-cleaning both at personal and commercial establishments are carried out at full swing for the Diwali day. Even market places and shopping areas acquire a new look with streamers and banners announcing the advent of Diwali. People embark on daily trips to their favorite shops to buy new apparels, gifts, sweets, greeting cards, pooja accessories diyas, artificial lights of various hue and colors etc. for themselves and their loved ones. In keeping with the festive mood, national and international brands also offer alluring discounts for buyers. During this time, the capital city is abuzz with various fairs and melas that offer traditional stuff from clothes, pooja items to firecrackers. Firecrackers are burned in the city even a week or two before Diwali.

Online stores offer heavy discounts to its customers on the occasion of Diwali as well. These online stores have indeed made gifting easy with a wide array of gifts to choose from, without actually visiting the stores. Delhites have taken full benefit of the special online Diwali stores and buy and gift sweets, puja thalis, dry fruits, homemade chocolates, diyas, candles, wall hangings, decor items, gift hampers, jewelry, apparel, and flowers. With a huge chunk of youngsters of Delhi living abroad, online Diwali stores are a huge favorite. They can send Diwali gifts to Delhi, via these stores to their near ones, without missing the fun and revelry associated with Diwali.

Another common trend prevalent in the corporate houses in Delhi is the giving out of corporate gifts. Corporate houses take Diwali as the perfect occasion to present their employees and clients with gifts like Diwali gift hampers, gift baskets, designer gift boxes, pen sets, diaries, watches, perfumes, mobiles, crockery and the like. Some corporate houses have also evolved upon the idea of gift certificates/ vouchers, which enable the receiver to choose gifts of their choice from selected brands. These can also be redeemed at restaurants and popular eateries. This is the right time for the corporate houses to show their gratitude and concern to the members of their establishments.
Diwali Celebrations
Diwali in Delhi, like in the other states of North India, is a five day long festival. The much awaited festival of the year begins with Dhanteras, wherein the people of Delhi buy kitchen utensils for a new beginning. This day has special significance for the business community, and hence they keep their shops open till late night to ensure good sales throughout the year. On the second day, are Chhoti Diwali, and Roop Chaturdashi, celebrating Diwali at a smaller scale. The third day is Bandi Chhor Diwas that has special significance for the Sikh community residing in Delhi. The fourth day is Goverdhan Puja and Annakoot celebrating Lord Krishna's victory over Indra (the god of clouds). On the concluding day is Bhai Dooj, which is celebrated only by a section of the Delhi population.

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