Diwali Festival Celebrations In Indonesia - Diwali 2013 India: Diwali Festival, Diwali Celebrations India, Deepavali History

The beautiful island of Indonesia is mainly populated by Muslims. About 2% of the population comprises Hindus who celebrate Diwali zealously.

The festival of lights-Diwali is a day of great jubilation in Indonesia especially in the Bali Island which is mainly populated by Hindus. Similar to the traditions followed in India, people spruce up for Diwali by cleaning homes and buying new clothes. On Diwali day rows of lamps are lit and placed outside the house to welcome the Goddess of wealth. Families gather at one particular house and invoke God's blessings.

After Puja, Diwali sweets are prepared. In most festivals it is customary to exchange gifts. Diwali gifts are exchanged between family and friends. Friends and family living in India send Diwali gifts to India from Indonesia as a thoughtful gesture. With the boom in e-commerce now it is common practice to send Diwali Sweets to India from Indonesia, so family and friends can relish them without having to compromise on authentic flavor and the very Indian touch.

So if you wish to send your wishes to friends or family living in Indonesia make sure to avail the e-shopping facility. Not only is it convenient but has a wide array of product bouquet on display from which you may choose the gift of your choice. This Diwali indulge and let your people living abroad know that you truly care and miss them on the festive occasion by sending appropriate Diwali gifts and Diwali Mithais.

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