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Diwali Celebrations in Rajasthan

10/10/2008 12:55:00 PM

Rajasthan is well known for the numerous festivals and fairs that the state hosts. Diwali is just one of them. Nonetheless, the festival of lights is celebrated with much vigor and grandeur. The sparsely populated state welcomes festivals and fairs as it is one of the reasons for get-togethers. This shows the zest for life among the Rajasthanis. Good food, dance and music are an integral part of the festivities.

Diwali is celebrated every year in October-November and is one of the most vibrant festivals of Rajasthan. The origin is traced back to the Ramayana when Lord Rama returned to his kingdom Ayodhya after 14 years in exile. On his return the entire kingdom was lit up to welcome his homecoming. Even to this day all houses in Rajasthan are lit with decorative diyas and the city of Jaipur comes alive with lights on this day. The city of Jaipur resembles an expensive film set with exquisite illuminations.

Womenfolk flock together and prepare special delicacies like Mawa Kachori, Til Ke Laddo, Gonth ke Laddu, Piste ke Launj, Moti Pak, Pheeni, Sohan Papdi, Besan Barfi, Jalebi and Shakarpara. Diwali sweets are special in Rajasthan as they are prepared with zest, love, care and togetherness.

People in Rajasthan prepare for Diwali by cleaning the house, preparing Diwali sweets and inviting friends and relatives home. The rituals performed are akin to the rest of India .Lakshmi puja is performed in the evening. Jaipur is a land of business establishments hence Goddess Laxmi is revered with devotion. The diya which is lit in honor of the Goddess is left burning on the altar for the rest of the night. Diwali mithai is relished and Diwali gifts are exchanged. Once dusk sets in, firecrackers are lit.

The Pink City looks spectacular on Diwali day with lighting all around. The city sparkles and it looks like nothing is more reminiscent of the Moghul Era than the extravagant decorations and celebrations at Jaipur.

Diwali - The Festival of Lights and the message that it carries, reverberates throughout India irrespective of cultural and linguistic barriers. The victory of good over evil is observed across the country. The spectacle and grandeur is synonymous to Diwali and the festival is indeed the most widely observed festival in India.

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